How to Hide Whatsapp Last Seen – WhatsApp Will Now Allow You To Hide Your ‘Last Seen’.

Here You Can Hide WhatsApp “LastSeen” Time :- You Get the New Feature Update Soon From WhatsApp that You Can Hide the “Last Seen” Status From the Specific Contacts. It is Updating their Whatsapp Privacy Features Soon you get more Updates on this Line. To Face the Competition From Rivals Like Signal and Telegram whatsapp gives more privacy options then before.

How to Hide Whatsapp Last SeenSoon Whatsapp Will Allow You to Hide Last Seen Time in Whatsapp

How to Hide Whatsapp Last Seen

WhatsApp Soon Announced is Testing to Update More Flexible Features Like Hiding the Visibility Features Like Last Seen. In the Visibility Features Whatsapp Will Add Display Elements Like LastSeen With Fine Controls Expect Specific Whatsapp Contacts Allowing. And Future Whatsapp will Give the Feature Update Called that Like You “Last Seen” Will Allow Everyone or Display the Last Seen it only your Contacts.

According to the Update For Android Users The Latest Feature Update Coming Soon in WhatsApp Beta Version (V2).21.23.14. Before Carried to the Latest Android App Stable Version for Android Users and Who Updated the Latest Beta Version in Android. Users Find the Latest Visibility Feature By Clicking the Whatsapp “Privacy Settings” and Click the New Whatsapp Feature Update New Option Called “My Contacts Expect.” Option in Whatsapp you can hide whatsapp Last Seen.

You Will See the Same Option that is Called Last Seen to hide the Specific Contacts on Your Whatsapp Profile Picture and About Info in Whatsapp. For Status it Not Updated Yet Of this Feature.

When this Feature Completed Rolled Out on Your Mobile, As Per Your Settings the Specific Contacts that You Want to Hide Last Seen, Whatsapp Status and About Information will Not See the above mentioned Features. And If You Disable the Last Seen of the Selected Contacts and you will also not allowed to See their Last Seen Visibility Either.

And this Features Updates whatsapp bringing on because of to Sustain User their Existing Users and Bring New Users to their Platforms and build trust that User Privacy is Safe in Whatsapp. And the Whatsapp Rivals like Telegram and Signal to face the Competition From Rivals Whatsapp Bringing More Updates Like This.

How to Hide Whatsapp Lase Seen in Android and Iphone :

Android :

Here the Step by Step Procedure to Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp on Android Mobiles like Realme, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung and More Mobiles. When you Disabled the Last Seen Option in Whatsapp Android Mobiles You Won’t Your Contacts Last Seen.

*.Click on the Whatsapp Icon on Your Android Mobile.
*.And then Click “Menu” On your Android Mobiles.
*.Click on “Settings” in Menu.
*.Tap the Whatsapp and Click on “Account” Option.
*.After Click the “Account” Option and then Tap “Privacy”.
*.Click the Option Called “Last Seen”.
*.At the Last Click on “No Body” and Whatsapp Hide “LastSeen’ Notification Will be Disabled.

Iphone :

Here Complete Step by Step Procedure How to Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp on IOS Devices like Iphone and Ipad. When you Disabled the Last Seen Option in Whatsapp Apple IOS Mobiles You Won’t
Your Contacts Last Seen.

*.Click on the Whatsapp Icon on Your Iphone Mobile.
*.And then Click “Menu” On your Android Mobiles.
*.Click on “Settings” in Menu.
*.Click the Whatsapp and Tap on “Advanced” Option.
*.Click the Option Called “Last Seen TimeStamp”.
*.At the Last Click on “Trun It Off” and Whatsapp Hide “LastSeen’ Notification Will be Diabled
In Iphone Mobiles.

You Have to Wait Up to 24 Hours of Your Settings that You Updated in Whatsapp.It is One of the Disadvantage For Iphone Whatsapp Users to Get the Updated Settings Live.

How to See Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp Online :

There are Ways that Working you can see Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp By Using the Third Party Applications Tools or Apps like WATracker (For Online Whatsapp Tracker Last Seen) and you can Check Hidden Last Seen on Whatsapp Effectively and Quickly. And there is Alternative third Party Apps Like WhatsWeb Plus and WhatsDog.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About : Details About Whatsapp Last Seen

Can I hide my last seen?

You Will See the Options that When You are in “Last Seen” Section Like “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” and “Nobody.” If You Want to Hide the “Last Seen” Just Simple Click the Last Option “NoBody” and You Can Hide the Last Seen. And you have to Remember that When you Try to Hide the “Last Seen” You Will Not Able to Check other Lase Seen Status Either in Whatsapp.

How accurate is WhatsApp last seen?

Whatsapp is More Accurate then Facebook When Coming to the Option Called “Last Seen”. It is More Accurate to Determine the “Last Seen” of Someone on the App and Whatsapp Not only Shown the Number of Minutes of the Last Seen it shows the Exact Date and Time that Person Going Offline from Whatsapp.

Will someone know if I check their WhatsApp last seen status often?

No,They don’t Know that You Seen their Whatsapp “Last Seen” and this Option in Not Available to End and No Applications or Tools can not Track to Know them that you check Last Seen of their’s. And the “View” Feature is their who seen their Whatsapp Status or Stories.

What happens if I turn off last seen on WhatsApp?

You Want to Off the LastSeen on Whatsapp.Go and Click the Settings>Account>and Tap the “Privacy”Button. When The “Privacy Settings” Option Open Click the Last Seen and then Choose the Option Called “Nobody” and Click the Last Seen Off.And Remember if You Turn Off Your Lase Seen and You Wont See the others Person Lase Seen Either.

Why is someone’s last seen not updating?

Because Whatsapp Updated their Visibility Features when User Went Offline you Won’t get any visibility Feature Called “Last Seen” of Others.And When the User in online on Whatsapp you will Find Online Option on Whatsapp Name Profile below.And Check once if you hide you Lase Seen,If you Off your Visibility Option From Whatsapp and You Wont See the Others Whatsapp Lastseen Updated.

Conclusion :

Here the Conclusion of the Post About Whatsapp Soon Update their Visibility Feature Updated To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen” From the Specific Contacts. If You Get Any Doubts or Queries about the Details to Hide Whatsapp Last Seen or Whatsapp Queries Please Comment below. If You Want to More Topics Like Tech, Make Money Online, Business Investing or Any Info Topics Please Follow our Website And You Get More Updated Information.

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