How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently On PC and Mobile.

Delete Twitter Account Permanently on PC and Mobile : Twitter is a Popular Social Network Company in this Article you will be know how to delete Twitter Account Permanently on PC,Mobile and Laptop Devices.If you Decided you don’t want to be in this Social Media Network Twitter And here below we Mentioned how to deactivate twitter account permanently and below we show how to do that. Twitter Gives Deactivation Period List of 30 Days and after period it permanently delete the Twitter Account.

How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently On PC and Mobile.

Ways to Delete Twitter Account Permanently on Mobile (Android and IOS) Devices and Desktop (PC and Laptop)

Delete Twitter Account IOS Devices Like Iphone and Ipad : How to Delete Twitter Account in IOS –

Step No.1 : First Login to Twitter Account in your Twitter IOS App with your User ID and Password.
Step No.2 : After Login to your Twitter Account Click the Picture Profile Icon their you have to Select the Options of Settings and Privacy.
Step No.3 : In the Settings and Privacy options you Get the Option of Account and Tap that.
Step No.4 : After Clicking the Account and you have scroll down the bottom and you will get the Option “Deactivate the Account and Tap that.
Step No.5 : And you get the Important information and Check that Carefully and Click the “Deactivate” Button.

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Delete Twitter Account Android Devices : How to Delete Twitter Account in Android Devices –

StepNo.1 : Login to your Account in Twitter App with User ID and Password.
StepNo.2 : Click the Menu Option or Profile Picture and Find the Option Called Settings and Privacy.
StepNo.3 : And you will find the Account Option and Tap that.
StepNo.4 : You will Get the Multiple Options and Scroll Down Untill you find the Deactivate Option in your Twitter Account.
StepNo.5 : In Next Process you will find the Pop Up and it will Important Necessary Information Regarding to Your Twitter Account Read that and Click the “Deactivate” Option.
StepNo.6 : After that Twitter will Asked your Password and Enter your Password Once Again.
StepNo.7 : At the Final Twitter Ask your Conformation to Deactivate to your Account and Select Again “Yes” to Deactivate your Account. And Done Final your Twitter Account Deactivated.

Delete Twitter Account Desktop and Laptop Devices : How to Delete Twitter Account in Desktop and Laptop Devices –

StepNo.1 : In Desktop or Laptop Login to your Twitter Account.
StepNo.2 : Tap Your Profile Photo and Enter your Email ID and Password to Enter Your Twitter Account.
StepNo.3 : And Find the Options “Setting and Privacy” if you didn’t find Click the More Options and down there will be Settings and Privacy.
StepNo.4 : After Clicking the “Settings and Privacy” you will get there Multiple Options and Scroll down the Option and You Get on “Deactivate Your Account”.
StepNo.5 : You will Find Pop Up Important Information Read it Carefully and Click Conform and to tap the Decativate.
StepNo.6 : And Put your Twitter Password Again Conformation For Verification of Twitter.
StepNo.7 : After the Above Step You Successfully Deactivate Twitter Account and it will take 30 Days to Deactivate Your Twitter Account.

And Important Note is Twitter will Hold your Account 30 Days after 30 Days your Twitter Account will be Deleted. So, In between if you want to change your Mind to Get back your account you have only the Time is 30 Days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Delete Twitter Account Permanently

Is deactivating Twitter same as deleting?

No, Deactivation Twitter Account is Not Same as Deleting Twitter Account.Deactivation is the First Step to Delete Your Twitter Account.There is a Deactivation Period Up to 30 Days if you didn’t Login to Your Twitter Account During this Period once it Completed.Twitter Automatically Delete your Twitter Account Photos, Tweets, Images and Videos in Twitter System.

How do I know if my Twitter account is permanently deleted?

Twitter Account Permanently Deleted if it once your Twitter Account is Deactivated and after Completing 30 Days window You didn’t Login Twitter Even One it for Twitter Deleting Once Completed Deactivation Period it Automatically Delete Your Twitter Profile Accounts in Twitter Systems.

Is Twitter safe to use?

Yes,Twitter is a Secure Website to Use.It is a Password Protected Twitter Accounts for all the Twitter Users. You Must Use Strong Password that Others Tough to Log in to your Twitter and Make Sure Your Twitter Privacy Settings as Per Your Use.

How long does it take Twitter to delete an account?

Once you Deactivate your Twitter Account it takes 30 Days to Delete your Twitter Profile Account.In 30 Days is a Deactivation Period of Twitter Account Once it deleted in Twitter and it no Longer Available in Twitter Systems.

What happens when you delete your Twitter account?

Once Account is Deleted in Twitter and it No Longer Available in Twitter Systems.And You Won’t Access your Tweets, Images or Videos that you upload in Twitter and You Won’t Reactivated Your Twitter Account once it Deleted.

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Conclusion :

Ways to Delete Twitter Account Permanently On PC and Mobile : Here the Conclusion of the Article to Deactivate or Delete the Twitter Account on PC or Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices. You Can Deactivate your Twitter Account Permanently after completing deactivation period your account will delete permanently on pc and mobile. If you have any Queries or Doubts Regarding to Twitter Account Please Comment your Questions below. Please Follow the for More Tech and Info Updates, Business and Stock News and Make Money Online Related Articles.

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