How to Change Shopify Store Name that Already Exists.

Change Shopify Store Name : Do You Want to Change Shopify Store Name that Already Exits in your Stores. For Branding Name is Very Important For Shopify Store if you didn’t satisfy the Name it hurt to your Business and Stores and it’s complete when People enters your store by Branding your Name.So,if you want to change the Name it doesn’t Fit your Brand and Here Shopify Gives the Option to Change Your Shopify Store Name that Already Exits. Please Read the Complete Article and decided the Changes of your Store Name in 2022.

How to Change Shopify Store Name that Already Exists.

How to Change Shopify Store Name that Already Exists With Website and Mobile App

Change Shopify Store Name that Already Exits Using with Official Shopify Admin Website and Shopify Mobile App.

Using Shopify Admin Website : Change the Shopify Store Name in Official Shopify Admin Website :

Step No.1 : First Visit the Official Admin Website of Shopify and Login to Your Shopify Admin on Your Desktop.
Step No.2 : In Shopfiy Admin, Visit and Click the Settings it will visible on the bottom of the left Navigation in Shopify Menu.
Step No.3 : In Settings,Tap the “General”.
Step No.4 : And the List of Stores You Will See Your Current Store Name in Shopify Store Name Field.Edit or Delete Your Shopify Store Name and Type Your New Shopify Store Name.
Step No.5 : On Top of the Right and Tap the Save Button after you Changes Shopify Store Name.And Final your Done and you Successful Changes Shopify Store Name.

Using Shopify Official Mobile App : Change the Shopify Store Name in Official Shopify Official Mobile App in IOS and Android Mobile Devices :

Step No.1 : In Shopify Mobile Android or IOS Apps,Open Shopify Mobile App and Press the Shopify Store Icon in Bottom Right Corner.
Step No.2 : And Press the “Settings” in Shopify Mobile App.
Step No.3 : Press the General in Store Settings in the Store.
Step No.4 : After Clicking the “General” in the details of Store Section and You will see the Current Shopify Store Name you will find this details in Store Name Field.
Step No.5 : Delete and Edit Your Store Name and Enter New Name to Your Store.
Step No.6 : At Final Press the “Save” Button and the Save Your Changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Change Shopify Store Name

How do you change the name of a store?

You Chan Change Shopify Store Name Using Admin Website and Mobile App. First Login to the Shopify Admin Website On your Computer and Tap the “Settings” in the Admin Dashboard that you will find the bottom of the Left Navigation Menu. And Click the “General” in Settings and you will see your store name in name field on top right tap the “Save” Button and Save Your Changes in Shopify Store and change the Name.

Can I change my Shopify store URL?

Changing the Store Name Won’t Change the Shopify Store URL.And If You want to change shopify store url you have change the shopify domain Name.You Can Change your Shopify Domain by Going in to the “Sales Channel” and Select the Domains in Shopify Stores.

How do I transfer my Shopify store to a new name?

Login to Your Shopify Partner Dashboard and Tap the Shopify Stores. In Stores Tap the Transfer ownership beside the Shopify development Store that you want to transfer.In Transfer Ownership Dialog Click the New Owner from the List of Eligible Shopify Store Owner and all above Mentioned Details Done and Tap the Transfer Shopify store to New Name.

Can two Shopify stores have the same name?

No,You can’t have Two Multiple Shopify Store Accounts Under have the Same Name or One Account and Shopify Also Permit’s Multiple Accounts and It Need’s to Operate Multiple Shopify Store’s.With Your Shopify Accounts You Need to Manage your Accounts for Each New Shopify Store Accounts and Manage Inventory with your own shopify Accounts.

What do I do if my Shopify store name is taken?

If you Find your Favourite Shopify Store Name is Already Taken. Find out another ways that will get new shopify store name like changing the New Variations on Domain Name like Catchphrase, Slogan or Keyword and See if the Domain is Sale or Not and Set up Domain Monitoring to find New Domains.

How do I change my original Shopify domain name?

In Your Shopify Admin Website Go to the Settings and there you have to go Domains.You will see your Primary Domain Section and Change the Primary Shopify Domain Name and Set the Domain Name that You want as your Primary Shopify Store Domain Name and Tap the “Save” it.

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Conclusion :

Change Shopify Store Name in Official Admin Website and Mobile App : Here the Conclusion of the Article Regarding to the Change the Shopify Store Name that Already Exits and We Explained to Change the Store Name in Official Admin Website and Mobile Andriod and IOS Apps. If you have any Queries or Doubts Regards to Shopify Store Please Comment your Doubts Comment below. Please Follow the for More Tech and Marketing Info and News Updates and More Details of About Make Money Online Related Posts.

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